Personalized learning solutions from the comfort of your own home!

Teachers2U provides a certified teacher to come into the home(s) of your close-knit group of children three, four, or five days a week!  Teachers will assist with virtual assignments set forth by the district or homeschool curriculum, facilitate SEL, lead arts/crafts, games, STEM activities, snack/lunch, and recess time.  Your program can be tailored to accommodate your group’s particular ages, needs and interests, allowing children to play and learn alongside friends and family they are most comfortable with.


The safety of everyone is our top priority, daily health screenings will occur for all members of the group including teacher and parents.  Materials will be sanitized before and after each day, and routine hand washing will be required by all.  Learning groups should only include children from households who are comfortable with each other's contact history, safety  precautions and activity outside the program.  Teachers will keep 6 feet distance from children when possible and wear a mask when possible or adequate spacing cannot be maintained.