Interested Student

Thanks for your interest in setting up an in home school program with Teachers2U!  We provide a certified teacher to come into the home(s) of your close friends and family, allowing children to play and learn with those they are most comfortable with.  Our teachers have 2 main goals-

to create a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, while making the home learning process enjoyable and hassle-free for parents.


The Teachers2U program can accommodate preschoolers through middle-school, and is designed to assist with virtual assignments and follow the schedule set forth by the district.  If the group chooses to have a homeschool curriculum the teacher will work with parents to best design learning activities the meet the needs of the students in the learning group. Teachers also facilitate SEL, lead arts/crafts, games, STEM activities, snack/lunch, and even recess.  Your program can be tailored to accommodate the particular ages, needs and interests of the group, helping ensure a quality experience children look forward to!


Teachers will meet your group two, three, or four days days a week, 9am to 2pm. Teachers2U can also accommodate shorter or longer days upon request from the group.  The hosting family can remain consistent, or a weekly / monthly rotation of hosting households within your group can be created.  Children should be provided with their own water bottle, snack and lunch for each day, and a commitment of at least one full semester is required by

all participants.