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Thank you for your interest in working with Teachers2U!  In this new world, parents are faced with the unrealistic expectation of balancing their career and effectively homeschooling their children.  This is where we come in... well actually, you!  We are currently accepting applications for professional and personable certified teachers to go into the homes of students, helping create a nurturing in-home school experience families need right now.



With groups of 4 to 9 children from connected households are created with a coordinating 2 to 4 day a week schedule, 9am to 2pm.  These groups may be similar in age, or may flex to fit the needs of the families.  Teachers assist with the completion of online assignments and comprehension of the learning materials put forth by the school districts, as well as lead a variety of age appropriate extra-curricular activities.  The hosting household may remain consistent, or may follow a rotation of hosting duties between the families involved.  Households are required to have adequate space and other possible necessities to effectively host their group.  Teachers will be assigned to family groups depending on schedule, location, grade level, special needs, and other possible logistics particular to the students.   


The safety of everyone is our top priority, therefore children from different households will be distanced as much as possible during lessons and activities.  Teachers are responsible for sanitizing equipment before and after each day, and ensuring routine hand washing by all.  Teachers will keep 6 feet distance from children when possible and wear a mask as needed, specifically when proper distance cannot be maintained.  Furthermore all parties involved are expected to follow CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19 precautions outside of the program.  CPR/First Aid certification will be required as well.

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