Mica & Alyssa Villalon

Program Director

Teachers2U founders Mica and Alyssa Villalon created Teachers2U in June of 2020 to provide a service to all of the parents who need help teaching their children in the 2020 school year. What they found in the first year was that the Teachers2U model is successful!  The students that are being served in the learning groups are thriving both academically but also social emotionally. 


 They have run a successful business in Austin Texas for the past 15 years and plan to bring the same level of passion and support to this new venture.  Alyssa taught in private school and has a double Masters Degree in counseling specializing in working with children.  Their combined knowledge and skills make a perfect combo to continue Teachers2U into the future of education.

Currently the Austin Texas office is setting up in home learning pods for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.  Contact us right away to get started.

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