Teacher and Students in Science Class

What you get with Teachers2U

The program is designed to support the students, teachers, and families through the school year.  While the students will be learning along with the district provided curriculum the one on one attention they will be getting from the teacher will support them in the educational process. The teachers will be able to meet each student's individual needs.  They may need to be progressed in some areas and supported in others, but with a small group setting the teacher will be able to do just that. 


Each week the teacher will receive a stipend from Teahers2U to spend on their classroom.  This money can be used to support the students in whatever the teacher feels necessary.  Teachers2U has a library of support materials that the teachers can use at any time,  these range from science experiments to recess games. 


The teachers in the program are all certified, have clean backgrounds (Texas and FBI), CPR/First Aid, and will receive ongoing training.  Before the school year starts they will have trauma informed training to help students cope with the new world that we are living in.  They are also supported by our management staff.  The Family will be supported with weekly emails that include updates on your child's progress and things you all can do together outside of school to help facilitate learning and connectedness.